Someone takes a small knife out of a drawer, sits down with it at their table and starts to cut a mango. Tucked inside the yellow pulp of the mango, they discover something that is not the pit of a mango, it is something that looks like a pear. Surprised, they carefully cut it out, rid it of mango and, after pausing briefly to study the pear that looks pretty much like a regular pear, they dig their knife into the pear. With heightened attention, they start to cut away one thin layer at a time. From inside the pear, something that looks much like a peach emerges. Once dug out, the peach, wet in their hands from the pear juice, glistens blatantly at them. They put their knife to the peach to soon discover that the peach contains a grape. Inside the grape, there’s is a miniature pineapple. The pineapple, once cut open, turns out to contain a small snake. The snake, Martin, licks the hand of our protagonist.